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Qatar Mile – Final Round – Event Schedule


All registration for the event will be done on-site at Al Khor Air Field on Thursday March 30th from 4-8pm and Friday beginning at 7am. Upon arrival, please stop at front gate to pay registration fee (200) and proceed directly to technical inspection prior to parking.



7:00 – Gates Open

7:00 – Technical Inspection 7am-12pm

9:00Mandatory Drivers Meeting and Course Overview at Race Control

9:30 – Runway Opens / Speed Session #1 Begins

11:15 – Prayer

12:00 – Continue Speed Session #1 followed by Session #2

4:30 – Runway Closes


7:00 – Gates Open

9:00 – Runway Opens / Speed Session #3 Begins

2:00 – Following Session #3, speed run #4.


Note: Friday all classes will follow run order but on Saturday all participants are entitled to 2 Runs, they can make it any time between 9:00am to 4:30pm.


Exhibition class opens for classic and exotic cars such as Bugatti, Porsche 918 etc. Hybrid and other vehicles which don’t fall in above mentioned classes can register in E.C.

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