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Khalid Mohammed looking to improve on his best in ADRL Round 7

DOHA, Qatar (February 9, 2011) – According to B1 Racing’s Pro Nitrous driver Khalid Mohammed, doing his best isn’t quite good enough. He wants to do better, and that’s exactly his plan for this week’s Round 7 of the Arabian Drag Racing League’s Championship Series. Last week, in Round 6 qualifying, Mr. Mohammed delivered a career quickest 3.832-second pass at 195.76 mph before bowing out first round. This week, he plans to go quicker.

“Pat [Musi, crew chief] has this car running perfectly with his new engine in it,” said Mr. Mohammed. “We ran that 83 last week, we got an 85 in testing earlier this week, and he said there is more in it if the conditions are consistent.

“I think the weather will be the one variable we’ll have to keep an eye on this week. It was too windy to test on Wednesday, so hopefully things will calm down for us and the air will be good so we can run the same kinds of numbers,” he said.

One positive result of the winds is dry, cool air – something that makes crew chiefs around the world dream of record-setting conditions.

“Things are moving along very well. Now we just need to go more rounds once we get into eliminations. Making the change to Pat’s engine combination and having him come on board has been a real boost, both for the team as well as the car. We are peaking at a great time, heading into the end of the season and the Battle for the Belts Championship playoff. Our best will just keep getting better,” Mr. Mohammed said.

Weather permitting, three rounds of qualifying are scheduled for Thursday beginning at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, and one final round of qualifying on Friday, followed by eliminations for the eight-car fields.