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Hernandez and K. Mohammed savor the support of champions in their battle for a Belt in ADRL finals

DOHA, Qatar (February 16, 2011) – Their names might be on their cars, but both Pro Extreme driver Josh Hernandez and Pro Nitrous driver Khalid Mohammed know that in order to be successful this week in the final race of the Arabian Drag Racing League’s season – the “Battle of the Belts” – they are going to need every person on the B1 Racing team focused on winning two championships. After starting the season at Qatar Racing Club in Doha with wins in their respective classes, the two have endured the highs and lows of drag racing en route to a berth in the top eight with the right to compete for the Championship Belt. After the first seven races, Mr. Mohammed finished in third position, while Hernandez ended No. 5.

As members of B1 Racing, both drivers have hall-of-fame supporting casts that others only dream of. For Hernandez, it’s the duo of Oddy and Critchley. Jim Oddy, one of the fathers of the Pro Modified movement, has won multiple national championships and has worn the hats of team owner, tuner, and engine builder for a career of more than 40 years. Critchley, an Australian native, was the driver of the first NHRA Pro Mod in the five-second zone and has been responsible for changing engines and blowers across the continents. For Mr. Mohammed, it’s a massive nitrous team led by veteran engine builder and eight-time Pro Street world champion Pat Musi. Musi’s experience as a driver as well as an engine builder has given him a distinct advantage over his competition because he knows how a car operates on the track as well as on a dyno.

“Our entire B1 Racing team is joined to get our cars into the winner’s circle this week and get the Belts we’ve been looking at all season,” Josh Hernandez said. “We are peaking at exactly the right time in order to take the belts in both Khalid’s and my classes.

“Of course it would have been nice to start in a higher position than fifth, but, frankly, it really doesn’t matter. We will attack the track every lap on Friday regardless of who we face,” Hernandez said. The Texas native is slated to meet his former teammate Von Smith in the first round of competition.

Mr. Mohammed said, “Our goal coming into this series was to finish in the top three, which is exactly what we did. We wanted to bring honor to our team and to our country, Bahrain, and I think we have already done that. Now, we are looking forward to adding a championship to that list by winning the Pro Nitrous belt for B1.

“Pat and our whole team has been working non-stop getting us ready for the finals, and I’m excited to see the results. Just today in testing we ran a 3.806 at almost 196 mph – near record pace, with what Pat says ‘more left on the table.’ That’s great news.” Mr. Mohammed will face Ali Alkaabi in his first round Friday.

For both drivers, Thursday is a testing day, with Friday being the day of reckoning as the team takes on the world’s finest eighth-mile Pro Mods. Regardless of any outcome, both are winners, and both have the support of the entire B1 team and the country of Bahrain on their side.