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Extremes of drag racing motivate B1’s Hernandez “for the next round”

DOHA, Qatar (February 9, 2011) – As the Pro Mod driver with the most wins in the world, multiple-time champion Josh Hernandez has definitely experienced the extremes of drag racing: winning back-to-back world championships, setting world records and more. On the flip-side, he knows the pain of defeat – DNQs, red lights, even a few sliders down the guard-wall.  It’s the sport he loves, and his passion keeps him motivated “for the next round.”

Coming into this week’s Arabian Drag Racing League Championship Series Round 7, Hernandez is riding the low side of the extremes, having suffered two DNQs in as many events. But ever the optimist, he is looking to return to his winning ways.

“It’s all part of drag racing,” Hernandez said. “When the facts start to seem negative, I always look at the big picture. I’m racing for one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met – Sheikh Abdullah [bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, team owner and second son of the King of Bahrain], and he has given me an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of his team. His vision for B1 is huge.

“I have the most amazing men working on giving me the best car available – one of the founders of the Pro Mod class, Jim Oddy, and one of the most amazing innovators and engine builders ever, Troy Critchley. The B1 Racing team – Ali Aryan, Khalid Mohammed, Rick Hickman, Pat Musi, and all of our crew – these guys are the best. Bar none,” he said.

“Sometimes, it just takes a bit to get things all working together, and that’s where we’ve been the past two races. It has been little things that have kept us from running the kinds of numbers we’ve needed to get into the show and compete with guys like Von Smith, Frankie [Taylor] and the others. But, little things can and have been fixed, and every time I get into the car, I look at things with new expectations.

“I expect to set a record every time I make a lap, and I see myself winning every round. I certainly don’t expect to lose.

“This week, we’ll hit it just as hard as we have every other Round, and let the numbers fall where they will. This team is a team of champions,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez puts it all on the line again when qualifying begins at 2:00 p.m. Thursday with three rounds scheduled, followed Friday with one final qualifier followed by eliminations.