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Aryan makes impact with new car in ADRL Round 4 at QRC

DOHA, Qatar – Bahrain 1 Pro Extreme driver Ali Aryan knew driving a new car would make an impact on his qualifying efforts, but he didn’t expect to make an impact on the retaining wall during qualifying in the ADRL Round 4 at Qatar Racing Club in Doha.

Behind the wheel of the team’s ’69 Camaro – a new ride for Aryan — the Bahrainian veteran driver jumped to the top of the list in his first lap Thursday with a blistering 3.667-second run at 203.65 mph, but was taken completely out of the race in the very next round because his car suffered a suspension failure and tagged the wall.

“I think it looked more dramatic than it felt,” Aryan said. “The car had great power and had already proven it could go fast, but something broke and I just had to get it slowed down.

“I’m OK, though, and we’ll be able to have the car ready for the next race,” he said.

Track medical personnel cleared Aryan right after the accident, and, according to B1 team members, the car suffered only minor damage and will be repaired for the Round 5 race next week.

“It’s funny. Before this race, I said that the first thing I wanted to do was qualify, and that’s exactly what I did. Now, I’m going to say that I want to qualify well and win the race. Let’s see what happens next week,” Aryan added.

The Bahrain 1 Race Team will return to the drag strip at Qatar Racing Club January 13-14 for Round 5 of the eight-race season.