Rules & Regulations

QRC Class Mandates

  • QRC wishes to welcome all competitors, crewmembers and spectators.
  • QRC with the help of the Racing Organizations wish to establish common rules and seeks parity amongst classes within the Gulf Region.
  • The goal of the QRC is to help, along with the other organizations to promote World Wide Awareness of the sport of Drag Racing.
  • Since Drag Racing originated in the United States of America QRC recognizes the already well established safety mandates as set forth by the organizations from the country.
  • QRC wishes to extend a welcome to all Competitors, crewmembers and spectators from around the world and wish that all who enter the QRC Racing Facility a safe and Entertaining Environment.

Qatar Drift Championship

Qatar Drift Championship Rules & Regulations in English

Qatar Mile

Qatar Mile Rules & Regulations in English

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